San Diego Airport Car Service for Canadian Tourists! 858-224-5474

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You are from Canada? If yes please read this article, and it’s actually very short! So, now if you are planing to visit San Diego from Canada Seal Transportation is the first, and best Airport Car Service for you, and we do provide car seats also. You need a toddler car seat for your kid? Call us at 858-224-5474, and we will bring a car seat you need to the terminal when our driver will pick you up. And remember we are not a regular shuttle. It may take very long to get your destination if you use airport shuttle, because they stop along the way, even go to different destinations out of route if some passengers need to be dropped off at different locations, and also you pay person, you may even pay more than our service if you are a few passenger or you are with your family.. And also remember on shuttle VANs there is not much space for luggage. So try our service because we charge for the vehicle no matter how many you are, and also we drive you to your destination without any stop on the way, so Fly from Canada to San Diego, And go to your hotel with Seal Transportation, and get car seats that provided by Seal Transportation for your convenience.