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The new access from San Diego to Tijuana Airport made flights easier for many San Diego travelers. If you travelling with your family to Mexico, and you need car service to CBX, Seal Transportation is the best car service. Cross Border Xpress (CBX) is an entrance to TJ Airport from The U.S.

From now on you do not have to cross the border in a regular way, or try to find a shuttle service, or a car service to Tijuana Airport. And also, since you need to go to Tijuana Airport, we want to remind you that, you will need a reliable car service, that comes to you in time, and also you will need professional drivers to get there in time, and safe. Seal Transportation can meet all of your expectations for a good car service, and committed to provide the best available service for its clients.

Cross Border Xpress pass also knows as CBX will save a lot of time for you to catch your flight from TJ airport, and you can save money on tickets too.

As far as i know there are a lot of travelers flying to Mexico, choosing TJ Airport as their departure airport, and they only need a transportation service to/from TJ Airport. And before they opened CBX, this was a huge problem for travelers if the border was so busy. That would extend your arrival to Tijuana airport more than 1 hour. CBX makes it easy to get Tijuna Airport, and no matter where you coming from to CBX, San Diego Airport to CBX, or Rancho Bernardo to CBX, or even Los Angeles to CBX you will get there in time with Seal Transportation.

Once you make a reservation with us, you will be picked up timely, and you will get a professional service by our chauffeurs. Now with CBX (Cross Border Xpress) terminal flying is easy, and if you consider there is not too many flights from San Diego to Mexico, this new facility will make it so easy for you. And if you travelling to Cabo Mexico, or Cancun Mexico, you will need only a ride to CBX from anywhere in San Diego. Sometimes traffic gets busy around the border, or even before border due to rush hour, for sure we will remind you that, if you need to go to CBX around that time.

According to statistics, some of 4.7 million passengers last year were travelling from Southern California, and now it will be easier for these travelers get to CBX from Southern California, and that includes Los Angeles area also. And with CBX passengers paying that fee to cross the bridge, they were avoiding congestion at the Otay Mesa, and near by the border. Some authorities explained  about this new entry of Tijuana, it could bring more travelers to the city, and boost tourism. and also for many travelers who are coming for medical appointments, this would give them some extra time, and also they could have some extra time in Tijuana, and they even could attend some business events, eat a lunch etc. And only ticketed travelers will be able to cross that bridge to/from Tijuana Airport, and the rate will be $13 to $17 range.

This idea was evolved since 1990’s as build a twin port on the U.S. side to replace San Diego Lindberg Field, but lately another idea came out, and this was a port of entry to Tijuana Airport from the U.S. side. This project is raising hopes among the property owners in Otay Mesa for bringing new hotels, restaurants to the area.

So, this will start to bring more travelers to the area, and if you will need a car service with car seat to CBX, or transportation service to CBX, you can rely on Seal Transportation. Please remember, we do provide children car seat for families upon request.