Luxury Car Service In San Diego By Seal Transportation 858-224-5474

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Seal Transportation 858-224-5474The transportation field has changed greatly in the past years. Before the cheapest way of transportation is by simply flagging down a taxi while standing on a sidewalk. Well we are glad to tell you that times have changed and you don’t need to settle for a standard taxi. We are a San Diego based car service. We provide transportation anywhere around southern California. Just like your average taxi service we provide affordable rates. The thing that sets us apart from a taxi service is that we incorporate luxury into our service. Just because are rates are affordable does not mean that we jeopardize the quality of our service. The ways we incorporate luxury into our company is by providing professionally trained staff,  experienced drivers, and well maintained luxury vehicles. The way we go about maintaining such quality is by consistently training our staff and drivers plus all vehicles are put through a routine check up every month.

Let’s get into more detail on how exactly our car service operates. Our company has two options for customers or potential customers to get more information about our company. They have a choice of visiting our website at or giving our company a call at 858-224-5474. On our website customers are able to view our rates and even make a reservation if they wish. When making a online reservation we always advice our customers to please confirm with our company that all reservations  have been received and saved to our system. Calling our customer service for rates or making a reservation is fairly easy as well. When making a reservation or asking a quotes with a customer service personal  please make sure you have all your traveling details like hotel address, flight information, etc. in hand.

Once you have made a reservations our company follows a few procedures in order to keep customer satisfaction. For pick ups from any airport a customer must provide their flight information. Our drivers and staff will be monitoring all flight information. One we see that the customers flight has arrived the driver will contact the passenger by either calling the cell phone number they provided or sending them a text message. Once the customer has gathers all of their suitcases the pick up will occur out side of the baggage claim area at the curbside. All customers are advised to stay near the curbside just outside the baggage claim so it would make it easier for the driver to locate the passenger.

For non airport pick ups, divers are required to contact the passenger at least 30 minutes prior to their pick up. If customer does not hear from their driver within that time they are advised to give out company a call at 858-224-5474. If the passenger contacts out office one of our associates are able to provide their drivers current location. Once the driver arrives at the customers pick up location a 10 minute courtesy waiting time is applied just so that there is time for the driver and passenger to load they belonging into the vehicle. For any pick up that exceeds the 10 minute waiting policy the customer would be charged a waiting fee. For pricing regarding waiting time, customers  can contact our office.

Seal Transportation is very passionate about providing quality service to our customers. We do whatever it takes to make our customers satisfied with our service. Once in awhile our company provides special discounts for first time customers. For more details about special discounts with our service customers can visits out website at If customers have any questions or concerns they can give us a call at 858-224-5474.