Need a taxi from CBX to San Diego? Call 858-224-5474, better than a taxi

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At Seal Transportation we strive to get the peak at customer satisfaction. Whenever you need a transportation service from CBX to San Diego, or even anywhere in San Diego, Call us at 858-224-5474, and let us give you the best experience in transportation service you ever got so far!
Any type of car seat you may need is available, and you can get infant car seat, toddler car seat, and booster car seat!
Take advantage of our services, and get the best service available with paying less!
Our rates are lower than taxi rates! Our rates are not higher than shuttle rates! You get non-stop rides, private car, and professional service with our chauffeurs!
You can feel the corporate car service quality with u, and you pay less!
It’s a simple process to do! Call us at 858-224-5474, and provide the required information for a reservation on the phone, and that’s it! You all set! Good to go!
Airport Pick ups never been that easy before! Or if you need a ride to the airport early morning, no stress! Just call us at 858-224-5474! Anywhere in San Diego to CBX is an easy job for us to do!
There are many customers told us that, it’s easier for them to fly through Tijuana Airport, and it also saves time for them. Also if you have children, and need car seat(s), Seal Transportation is the perfect choice for that.
You can use other options also, but you must remember that once you make a reservation with Seal Transportation, your car will be there, and it will be a flat rate ride. App based services can be very expensive, or you may not be able to get a car at all. The reason i am saying that is, surge pricing is not included in this also. If you are coming in the very early morning, or very late night, there will be a very low chance to get a car, or if you can you may pay a very high rate because of surge pricing. So, call us at 858-224-5474, and make your reservation, and forget all hassle for your transportation needs. It’s that simple if you go with us.
And also please remember we do provide car seats also, so you can get what you need. Our promise is prompt, reliable, affordable car service, nothing more than less or more. We focus on what we do, and we try our best to do it in the best possible way. Our vehicles get checked in regular basis to make sure, our clients have safe rides.
Of course you may need a car seat for a the ride from CBX to San Diego. We do provide all type of car seats for customers upon request. And also our dispatch center watches traffic, and also flights for possible late arrival problem. We just do not do all of these, we also do regular maintenance for our vehicle fleet to make sure our vehicles arrive in time.
Our chauffeurs know their way around San Diego, and LAX very well, so we make sure that you get a safe ride. We do committed to provide safe, and comfortable rides for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our priority.