Could you get San Diego Airport Taxi with child seat at SAN?

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The way we transport is changing, as they say the change never changes, it’s so true that we are experiencing great changes in our lives. But changes in tech, or tools we use, but also new inventions are changing the way we feel, and the way we think. As one of my friends said “she feels dumber because of cell phones, because she could save phone numbers not just calling people, she said she could memorize at least 50 phone numbers, and she could call them from her memory, now she can’t even memorize 10 numbers. Isn’t that crazy? Our technology going forward, but in many ways we are ourselves going backward. Anyway, i just wanted talk about changes in transportation today, and now we will see new fast rockets that takes you to the other part of the World in a few hours instead a day. But i wanted to mention about that before i go ahead, the change is happening forward, but at some points i feel like we are loosing ourselves to a new change that makes us totally different people. Nobody lives today the way they lived 20 years ago. Now we have electric cars too. Anyway, now we have Uber, Lyft etc, and that makes us easy to use them at low cost. But i see that we won’t see old style limousines soon, and i’m afraid it’s not fancy that change does it that way. The new ways of living make us like we need more things in our daily lives. Uber does not provide child seat at San Diego Airport, and around San Diego, and Los Angeles too. Why they don’t do that is not because of they don’t want to, neither laws, it’s just hard to deal with it. Yes, the reason is not what you think, it is really hard to deal with it, and also the drivers must carry a few car seats in their vehicles even there is no client with child seat requiring. So, at the end it’s not that efficient. Another thing is San Diego Airport Taxi companies don’t do that too. And believe me it’s the same reason. But that doe not mean nobody else does provide child seats. Seal Transportation provides child seats, yes we are one of the rare “San Diego Airport Car Service with child seat” companies, and we keep doing it to make our clients happy. It’s all about customer satisfaction, but nothing else, and if you are looking for San Diego Airport Taxi with child seat, this would be almost impossible, because most of them already diminished, and how many left still doing it same way.

We are one of the best San Diego Airport Car Service with child seat, and i know that it’s hard to find a car service with child seat. And now new insurance rules not allowing drivers setting car seats for passengers, so we are having hard time to explain that it’s not us but insurance companies.

Anyway since electric cars around, you could do one more thing for yourself, stay away from electric cars, why i would say that? Because they are so expensive, and at the end you are paying so much, and than afterward trying to get this money back. Isn’t that weird? Yes it is. And remember that, it’s choice, but from my side it’s not that economic for regular people, but commuters who do travel more than 50 miles daily.

So, at the end this might be happening everywhere, and you must find a family friendly transportation at your destination cities, before you travel. And please remember that Uber, Lyft and others are corporations that look at you as Dollars only, and they will not try hard to serve you as you think, but go in a way that everything is easier for them too, and they can’t manage that, but offer you cheaper rides, and to do that they started in an unfair way, while all taxis and car services had to follow all rules, and strict certification, and pay expensive insurance , these guys came out and start giving rides without doing any of it, and they just hired expensive lawyers to deal with state government agencies, and while doing that they used lobbies to change the rules that were against them. So here we now today, and when you go to state agency meetings, activities they talk about fair business etc.. Would you believe them?

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