Seal Transportation for shuttle from Los Angeles to CBX 858-224-5474

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Nowadays more people are using CBX to fly anywhere in Mexico, or from Mexico to the USA, and of course there are a lot of reasons to mention about. First it’s faster in most cases. It’s more affordable for sure, you may save up to 50%, and that’s something you can’t ignore. All you need to do is arrange your transportation to CBX, or from CBX. That’s it!

Seal Transportation provides the best car service from Los Angeles to CBX, even more affordable from shuttle services, you pay for the car and save, you pay per person for a shuttle, so Seal Transportation car service saves you money, but time also, as you may know it all Shuttle services form Los Angeles to CBX stops on the way, and that creates so much time to lose, and stress for your arrival to CBX, also you pay more for shuttles because they charge you extra because of it’s at the border. So, we charge our customers only Los Angeles to San Diego Downtown rate. You save again, and more. So, this way you get better service, a safe ride to CBX and pay less.

We do provide children car seats upon request, and we do want to make sure that our customers are happy with the service. We do work on every part of our service everyday, so our clients can be happy with our service. We are the only car service that provides car seat for transportation from Los Angeles to CBX.

If you want to use the best service but pay less, Seal Transportation is the best option in entire area, both Los ANgeles and San Diego. Our service designed to provide the best service for families, so you can count on us for your family’s transportation needs.

Our staff are highly trained to provide the best service available, and they know how to drive safe, and how to handle customer relations during operations. Also our drivers know their way around San Diego as well as Los Angeles. So, you can count on us for any type of transportation services. We know how to handle the whole transportation services from the beginning to the end. Seal Transportation is the best choice by families for family oriented car services, or transportation services. We do provide all type of car seats. You only need to give us information like age and weight of your child, we can help you about what type of car seat you need for your baby, or child. You may need multiple car seats, no worries, we do provide multiple car seats.

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