San Diego Car Service with car seat to CBX 858-224-5474

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Seal Transportation provides car service with car seat to CBX from anywhere in San Diego and Los Angeles areas. San Diego and all Southern California travelers now have a chance to get Tijuana Airport without crossing border, just a cross border terminal can get you to TJ Airport in minutes, without hassle.

Especially when it comes to special times in San Diego, crossing the border can be a very big hassle for travelers, and if you are just trying to get TJ Airport, this new Cross Border Xpress, getting the TJ Airport is just so easy. By saying that you will still need your documents to be able to use CBX, means you must have valid passports, and also your airline tickets in hand. After checking in at the entrance, you will need to cross a bridge, and you will be at the airport easily.

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This new facility will give travelers a lot of opportunities, especially at certain times, you can relax at TJ Airport, you can eat, dine in a relaxing environment. This CBX entrance actually been in San Diego’s government officials ideas for years, they were even thinking to build a new Twin airport next to TJ Airport to replace Lindberg Field.

Seal Transportation provides car service to CBX from San Diego, and Los Angeles areas. We can pick you up at San Diego International Airport, and take you to CBX with a no-hassle ride. It normally takes about 40 minutes to the border, when it’s rush hour you can consider that as more than 1 hour. Please ask about arrival time when you make a reservation from San Diego Airport to CBX. Our dispatchers will let you know that easily.

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If you are an international family traveler with your family, Seal Transportation have solutions.

And remember that, we can provide child car seat for your kids, a toddler car seat, or an infant car seat, or a booster car seat. Please remind us about what type of car seat you need for your kid.